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Welcome to Tiger Lily

Having a bouquet "Freeze Dried" wonderful way to preserve some of those special memories of that very special day. The bridal bouquet is just another bouquet of flowers until the bride holds it in her hands and walks down the aisle and then those flowers take on a whole new meaning

We have been preserving (freeze drying) floral keepsakes since 1989. We use only the very best products available to us. All our work is custom and our prices reasonable . We like to sit down with the bride and discuss what she likes and what she doesn’t like. With the brides help we create a keepsake that is truly “her own” special memory.

We have a huge selection of display products such as the most popular, for the whole bouquet, oval frame with the bubble, similar to the old Victorian portraits. Also we offer a varied selection of shadow boxes where we can do an invitation or picture with some of the flowers from the bouquet. Other possibilities that we now offer are shadow boxes with a custom bubble to accommodate the whole bouquet, various cubes, hex boxes, clock domes (in small sizes only), keepsake boxes and custom made display containers. We strongly recommend that all keepsake flowers, arranged by us are sealed in a display container of the bride’s choice.

We request that the flowers are delivered to us as soon as possible after the receptions to ensure the finest keepsake.

In addition to bridal bouquets we also preserve special flowers such as memorial flowers, award bouquets, corsages, and floral or botanicals of special importance. We also have a variety of freeze dried petals, flowers, fruits and vegetables for design use.

As an added service to our brides we also preserve the wedding gown and accessories. We are a representative for a company that we have carefully chosen, which does the gown cleaning and preservation by museum standards. They do an absolutely beautiful job. The gowns are cleaned and preserved and then carefully packed with lots of acid free tissue in a museum storage box. These boxes are not sealed so that the fabric and the packing are allowed to breathe. The bride is free to open the box and inspect the gown any time she wants. At the time the gown is picked up, the bride is shown the condition of their gown is also shown that all the pieces are in the box and if any repair has been made. We are very pleased with the work this company does and I am sure that you will be also be pleased with the results.

Our aim is to do an extra special job for you. We want very satisfied customers.

Please call or E-Mail Tiger Lily for any additional information and pricing. Since our work is strictly "custom" prices will vary by design.